Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stymied... Or Then Again Not

I just went out for a walk around the garden, looking for inspiration for trying a new recipe.  It's a low time for perennial vegetables.  I found some red raspberries but not enough to do anything with so I just ate them ("eat out of hand" is always my fall-back recipe).  There's tons of perennial arugula, but I'm in more of a sweet mood right now, so I passed it by.

I decide to revisit the clove currants.  Last time I posted about them I was about to make them into a dessert.  But I got busy and sleepy, and it didn't happen.  I woke up thinking today would be the day.  I started brainstorming recipes.  My first idea was to put them in muffins, maybe with some sort of spicy topping.  But then I remembered one of my springtime favorites and decided to try substituting clove currants for rhubarb in my mom's beloved "Rhubarb Delight".  It's a dessert that features a simple shortbread crust topped with tender rhubarb chunks suspended in a vanilla custard.  Mmmm...

So, I just popped outside to pick them, hoping for 3-4 cups of currants, and all I got was a measly half cup.  I think the ones that were ready before have gone by.  There are plenty of ripening currants, but very few that were perfectly ripe today.  So now I have a half cup of clove currants kicking around.  Maybe that's enough to pop in a ramekin and put a little crust on top. 

So much for the "Clove Currant Delight".  But come to think of it, rhubarb is a perennial vegetable, and a part of our Edible Forest Garden, so it can go ahead and be the star of the recipe.  I'll have to put that in my tickler file for next spring.

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