Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Forest Garden Plants Heading out into the World

This past weekend we had a booth at the NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmers Association) summer conference in Amherst, MA.  The booth was for our nursery, Food Forest Farm, and we brought lots of perennial vegetables and forest garden plants for sale.  It was so much fun interacting with people and sharing information and enthusiasm about the plants. 

I am so excited to have sent off so many plants to new homes.  This means lots more people will be planting, cultivating, and experimenting with these perennial foods.  The sea kale, turkish rocket, and chinese yam were the big hits, along with the ever-popular jostaberries, beach plums and hazelnuts.  I foresee a growing community of food foresters!  I am looking forward to sharing my recipes and thinking in this blog and in my cookbook.

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