Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Asking for a Kick in the Pants

I need to get eating. 

I need to get eating the Edible Forest Garden.

It's so easy to fall into the comfort of filling my plate with luscious high-summer annual vegetables.  When the tomatoes are bursting out of their skins and peppers come one after the next, it's hard to remember to go after the more unusual plants in our garden.  But that's exactly where the knowledge needs to be built.  And if I'm going to write this cookbook (and I am), I need to give myself a little kick in the pants to experiment with all the stuff growing in our backyard. 

When I moved in to this place, the Holyoke Edible Forest Garden was already several years old, lovingly designed and nurtured by Jonathan and Eric.  They had over 200 species of edibles!  That was very cool, but I wanted to go beyond the geek factor.  How do you eat this stuff, I wanted to know.  Does it really taste any good?  How can we cook with it? 

Those are the questions I want to explore here and in the cookbook.  Consider this my kick in the pants. 

PS- I'll be at the beach (woo hoo!) on Thursday, so look for my next post a week from today.

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