Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Preview

It may still feel like summer, but there's no denying just the slightest hint of fall in the air.  The night arrives a little earlier, the stars shine a little brighter, and you can almost smell the earthy scent of leaves.  I do love fall, and I'm looking forward to our fall crop of foods. 

Some of them I already have ideas about:
    - sweet coconut rice with pawpaw
    - beach plum crisp
    - skirrit latkes
    - sunchoke spanish omelette
    - rustic pizza with arugula pesto

And then there are the:
    - cucumber berries
    - air potatoes
    - mint root
    - sea kale leaves
    - asian pears
    - persimmons
    - ground nut

The cucumber berries are ready right now.  Perhaps they will be my next victim.  I've been on a pickling roll, and that seems like a good thing to do with them.  Or put them in a tabouli!  For now, we are busy eating the hot peppers and tomatoes out of the garden.  Oh, and we just harvested a bunch of concord-type grapes.  What flavor!  We froze a bunch to eat throughout the winter.  Mmmm.... I couldn't help but eat a handful of the frozen ones already.

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