Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perennial Arugula and Asian Pear Salad

There are two foods in our garden that I really love and that we have a lot of right now: Perennial Arugula and Asian Pears.  I've heard of people eating arugula salads with pears and Parmesan cheese so I thought I'd try something similar with the food we had on hand. 

I picked a handful of Perennial Arugula.  Just a handful will do ya - this stuff is strong!  Puts hair on your chest, as I my dad would say.  I picked two Asian Pears, but ended up just using one.  We have three varieties growing on one grafted tree.  I used the variety that is ripe right now.  It's the blandest one to my taste, but it's juicy and crisp and it went just right in the salad. 

I washed some lettuce from our CSA and put that on two plates.  Then I placed half the handful of arugula on each plate.  I topped that with slices of Asian Pear, halved sun gold cherry tomatoes, and chopped red onion.  I drizzled some excellent extra virgin olive oil on top, along with salt and fresh ground pepper.  Then I crumbled on some Bulgarian sheep cheese we get from the Casablanca Halal Market over in Hadley. 

The result?  Check out Jonathan's face below.  He looked just as happy after lunch when his plate was clean.

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