Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Persimmon Needs No Recipe

The persimmon is my favorite fruit in the whole garden.  It is a full gourmet dessert in and of itself.  Have you tried one?  It tastes like brandied caramel apricots on butterscotch-vanilla pudding.  No joke.  They are fabulous.  Exquisite.  AWESOME!!!!  They are in season right now and each morning I creep out to see if any have fallen from the tree.  You have to time it just right.  If you get impatient and try to eat them before they're ripe (before they've fallen) beware!  As a friend said, if you eat them when they're under-ripe you'll feel like your face is turning inside out.  Astringent!  And if you wait too long, the squirrels will have eaten them first.  That's why I check for them daily.  Eating a persimmon is one of the great joys in life.  I savor it and remember that life is good.  It's like eating a sunset.

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