Monday, October 31, 2011

Garden Storm

Hmmm....  Well, I missed a week of posts due to being sick and working hard on a mayoral race I'm helping with.  And then came this (see photo).  We had a big storm Saturday night that dropped more limbs and branches than I thought possible onto our backyard.  Note the flattened greenhouse.  I was going to start digging and sampling some of our perennial root crops, but things are bit hard to get to right now.  Hopefully the sun will shine, the air will warm up, and the snow will melt just enough for me to get at some more tasty treats before winter really settles in for the long haul. 

We took the opportunity to hack back the banana trees for the season.  While we were at it we found a couple figs that were ready.  So we enjoyed the fresh figs while looking out at snow and ice.  How strange!

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