Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PawPaw Wine

Yes, we made wine. Or actually, mead. Jonathan started it a few months ago. We got inspired by Sandor Katz's Wild Fermentation, and used his honey wine recipe.  Jonathan combined frozen pawpaw fruit pulp from the previous year, honey, and water, and started it fermenting in a wide mouthed container with a towel on top. After a few days he moved the concoction into a gallon jug with an airlock on top. It took several rounds of straining to get the taste just right. Sweet, fruity, with a little zing. Just delightful. We had some last week and it was perfect. We had some last night and it had gotten a little yeasty. There is clearly an art to making homemade wine.  We'll just have to try it again!  Here we are with the wine and one of the pawpaws. 


  1. This is awesome! I'm currently harvesting a lot of Paw Paws from Cornell and wonder what your favorite way is to process and store the pulp for future use?
    thanks! Steve

  2. That's great that you're getting a bunch from Cornell. The best way we've found so far is to scoop out the pulp and freeze it in freezer bags. It's time consuming on this end, but so easy to use later. When we run out of time or get sick of doing that, we just freeze them whole, but then you need to deal with seeding and pitting them later. I would love to try drying them or making a fruit leather, but I haven't done that yet. Might be a good option too!