Thursday, October 20, 2011

Enchanted Bottle Gourd

This year we experimented with growing a Bottle Gourd, or calabash.  We planted one out front, and one in the greenhouse.  The one in the greenhouse grew so big it exploded out of the greenhouse and draped down, out, and over our blueberry bushes, like a green lava flow.  The one in front chose to grow up a pole, so we gave it a string and it grew across it and back down the other side to make a beautiful arch over the sidewalk. 

The arch became a fixture in our neighborhood this summer.  I would often see teenagers walk by, stop under the arch, and show each other the flowers.  People enjoyed walking under it, and it lent some enchantment to the street, encouraging people to stop for a minute in their travels and admire this vibrant plant.  We ate its shoots this spring and they were quite tasty.  This one in the picture was growing a great, large gourd this fall.  Someone cut it off and took it over the weekend.  I hope they are enjoying it!

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