Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Food Photography

I love looking at cookbooks and food magazines, especially when there are photos.  The photos always get me interested in making the dish.  I want to have photos in this cookbook. 

I don't normally take many photos in my life.  I prefer to write about my experiences, rather than capturing them on film.  But I love looking at pictures, so I think I will try to develop my photography skills.  We are in need of a new camera anyway, so we'll look for one that takes good close up shots, with good focus and vibrant colors. 

I was just looking at this Intro to Food Photography and it has some good tips.  Their first tip is about good lighting.  I'm not sure how to create good lighting, but I will try!  I remember when I worked at the violin shop I would take pictures of the violins for the website.  It was so hard to get the lighting set so that it brought out the shine and richness of the varnish and so the flash didn't bounce of the wood.  I wonder if taking pictures of food is any easier? 

I have been looking at Aran Goyoaga's blog "Cannelle et Vanille" for a long time.  Her work is an inspiration to me.  I see she offers food styling and photography workshops.  Hmmm....  I wonder if there's someone local I could work with and learn from.

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