Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chestnuts. Sigh.

It's chestnut time!  Oh, what a wonderful time of year.  We've been closely monitoring the trees we collect from.  We went by them this weekend and gathered a small batch of nuts.  One of the branches had broken and so the nuts on that branch were open and ready for the taking.  We went by again yesterday and the other nuts are still not quite ready.  But they will be soon, and we are not the only people who know about this group of trees.  It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.  We want to be sure to get some, so we're going back this weekend to see what's shaking.

I fell in love with chestnuts while living in Budapest, Hungary during my junior year of college.  Vendors would roast them right there on the street.  They smelled so good in the crisp, fall air.  My host mother, Ilona, would make THE MOST AMAZING dessert: Gesztenye pure (chestnut puree).  Oh, it was heavenly.  And I just looked online and found a recipe, so I am definitely making it this year. 

But really, you don't even need a recipe for enjoying chestnuts.  Just roast 'em, like the Christmas Carol says.  They are nutty and sweet, creamy, and tender.  A perfect way to welcome in the fall. 

As they say in Hungary, Jo etvayot!  Bon appetit!

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